Since 1978 working in the cold chain, we manufacture a variety of 30 models of of contact board freezers for the food industry in various segments, among them we can highlight meat, fish, fruit, juices, vegetables, crustaceans, fast food, bread and others.
Our main products are the contact board freezers, the ice in flakes machine and the ammonia centrifugal pump of 4.000 to 65.000 liters/hour, all Frigostrella’s products are of own manufacture and 100% national, besides owning a network of national authorized technical assistance which ensures fast and efficient service.
We export for several contries such as: Exportamos para diversos países como: Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, the United States, Paraguay, Venezuela, Colombia, Singapore, Angola, Argentina, among others ...

Products and services

Ammonia / Freon Centrifugal Pump
Frigostrella’s centrifugal pump is designed to pump coolant in plant premises, such as ammonia, freon, among others. It has a special design with sealing mechanical seals, internal recirculation chamber to reduce turbulence, avoiding the formation of "blisters" and the occurrence of cavitation. It is ideal for working with coolants at low gauge pressure saturation and time to minimal suction making it the most widely used centrifugal pump in industrial refrigeration facilities.

Ice In Flakes Machine
The ice in flakes machine is manufactured in a compact way with high thermal conductivity and mechanical strength materials. Its constructive form of interchangeable sets eases maintenance, reduces operating costs and extends the life of the equipment. Its cooling system has a low energy cost and can work with different refrigerants such as R-22, R-404A, R-134A, R-438A, R-717, among others. The ice flakes are produced with an approximate temperature of -9 ° C, making it ideal for cooling and preserving products, such as meat, fish, sausages, beverages, pasta, fruit, vegetables, etc.

Contact Board Freezer
Frigostrella has a range of heat exchangers plate that are ideal for quick freezing. The devices have low operating costs. Their plates are made of high thermal aluminum alloy conductivity, it has an internal cooling system sized, hermetic surface contact which facilitates cleaning and prevents deposition of bacteria and possible contamination of the product being frozen. It has hydraulic drive of the plates which ensures maximum surface contact, its production capacity is scaled according to demand.It is a flexible equipment that can be customized.