Vinter Plásticos Industriais

VINTER PLASTICOS INDUSTRIAIS LTDA MEExpositor Mercoagro - Vinter Plásticos Industriais

Acesso BR 282, Plínio Arlindo de Nês, 601 D - Subsolo Bairro: Cristo Rei CEP: 89.805-290 Chapecó - SC
Fone: (49) 3330-5444
(49) 9990-81830


The company Vinter Plasticos Industriais started its activities in 2003, with the purpose of meeting the demands in the line of industrial plastics, at the beginning the aim was meeting the demand in the region, but over the year the company has expanded nationaly and internationally. Since its foundation, Vinter Plasticos Industriais has sought to adapt itself to the needs of the market and provide excellence in the manufacture of its products.

Products and services

In the industrial plastic segment, for instance, the sophisticated machining equipment allows the development of high quality products, aligned to the customer’s specifications.
Therefore, the main differentials of the company are: the modern machining sector; customized designs; profiles created accordingly to the customer's need; personalized service; quality in products; ample stock and quick deliveries.