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Mercoagro, over the years, is a great generator of growth in the meat sector, by spreading technologies and knowledge and generating the approximation between suppliers and consumers; it develops the economy, fostering business, connecting contacts and networked companies. In addition, it increases the visibility of companies, helping to build reputations and also generating international projection.

In its 11th edition (2016), Mercoagro has become historical! It has brought back the essence of its vocation: connecting people, countries and continents through business, technology, knowledge and relationships.

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Now Mercoagro 2023 is going all out, with its essence consolidated and strengthened as the best opportunity to achieve success with the right audience at the right place. The fair is also offering the possibility of your brand being among the largest solutions and innovations in processing and industrialization of meat, with leaders of the segment of several countries, and of course, in one of the main agro-industrial centers in the world, the city of Chapec´┐Ż - SC. This is the region where the most important agribusiness industries in Brazil were born.

It is a guarantee of a specialized public gathered, together with your company, with key professionals in the production chain: directors, managers and technicians, even operational level professionals.

Come for the best opportunity.

ACIC and Mercoagro

ACIC is a non-profit civil entity that represents the business and industry entrepreneurs of Chapec´┐Ż-SC, whose mission is to represent the economic segments of the city, encouraging free enterprise and working as an agent of change and advocacy, according to articles 1 and 2 of the Bylaws.

Founded 73 years ago, it has a fundamental role in the organization, training and orientation of the commerce and industry sectors, and its history is mixed with the very history of progress and development of the Municipality of Chapec´┐Ż-SC, becoming an entity that actively participates in the conception of projects of interest to the society, besides acting concretely in the collection of more efficient public policies for the citizens.

Over the years ACIC conceived and created a fair that is currently the largest and most important to the city, to the state of Santa Catarina and to the country in the meat sector, MERCOAGRO - International Trade Fair, Processing and Industrialization of Meat.

Considering that Chapec´┐Ż is one of the main technological centers of meat industrialization and is located in the region with the highest concentration of meat packing plants in the world, the event was launched to take place every two years in this city, with a 26-year history. In 2018 was held the 12th Edition.

MERCOAGRO is of great importance to the author, because it is an extraordinary success case; the most important factor is its social character for the Municipality, State and country, because as a result of the event and all that moves, there is an increase in the local economy, job creation, numerous direct and indirect businesses, service provision, knowledge transfer, and cultural, technology exchanges. It is a fair of fundamental importance for society.

The fair is visited by businessmen and managers of companies, including multinationals in the animal protein industrialization sector, as well as decision makers regarding the acquisition of machinery and services necessary for the development of activities in companies linked to visitors. The meat sector is a highly specialized and competitive market and is therefore very demanding.

Chapec´┐Ż: An Agroindustrial Polo


The municipality is the capital of Western Santa Catarina and the main city of a region with more than 200 cities and 1 million inhabitants, where are located the main processors and exporters of pork, poultry and meat products from Brazil. Its population grows rapidly as its economy. According to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), its populations it's about 216 thousand inhabitants.

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Chapec´┐Ż's remarkable aspect is business tourism, attracting visitors from Brazil and abroad, with sectorial and multisectoral events, with national and international coverage. Access to the city is by the BR-282, BR-480 and SC-283 highways; There are bus lines to all the cities of the state and the main Brazilian cities. It can be reached by air from Serafim Enoss Bertaso Municipal Airport.


Chapec´┐Ż Commercial and Industrial Association

ACIC Chapec´┐Ż


The Chapec´┐Ż Commercial and Industrial Association (ACIC) was founded on May 10, 1947 with the objective of being a representative business entity of commerce, industry, services and agriculture.

73 years ago, businessman Serafim Enoss Bertaso was elected the first president of the entity. The economic history of the Municipality did not start there, but there the producing classes began to write their history. In these 101 years of administrative emancipation and seven decades of business associativism, Chapec´┐Ż and ACIC have bequeathed Santa Catarina one of the most eloquent paradigms of work and development.

ACIC, which represents 85% of the municipality's GDP, develops consistent actions in defense of the interests of the business class and the welfare of the community. It is recognized in the state scenario for its cutting edge performance, with positions aimed at ensuring citizenship rights and the development of free enterprise. Declared of public utility through Municipal Law 114/80 of December 1, 1980, and State Law 5874 of May 7, 1980.

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On December 15, 1999, it opened its new headquarters in the CESEC condominium - Chapec´┐Ż Business System Executive Center, together with CDL and Sicom. The operation of the three entities in the same place represents a great advance for the business sector, in order to contribute to the strengthening of partnerships and the union of the class.

Through a historical vision and understanding the role in contemporary society that, biennium after biennium, the presidents of the Executive Boards, side by side with the Deliberative Council, managed one of the most representative entities of Santa Catarina.

From the earliest days, belief in the values ??of work has predominated. Hope, strength and courage, small financial capital, total lack of technological resources, no concern for defeat and failure marked our first entrepreneurs. They were, above all, visionary workers, toiling shoulder to shoulder with their peers in such a way that the division of classes between capital holders and labor holders was indistinct. Bosses and workers harmonized in a labor union of cooperation and solidarity that permeated most of the labor relations of the first half of our history.

This record is fundamental in the typification of the protagonists of those times to emphasize that the origin of our entrepreneur is not linked to the great concentration of capital, the control of many means of production or the subordination of large contingents of labor; but it is the result of the persevering, continued, pertinent work of an economic agent with incredible transformational capacity.

Even after seven decades, ACIC has as its hallmark a surprising capacity for change to face the new and troubling times, but it keeps unchanged the same commitments solemnly announced by pioneer Serafim Bertaso in the 1940s.

ACIC therefore strives to minimize the distressing uncertainties of our contemporary era by providing opportunities for debate, training, information and exchange that seek to anticipate the scenarios of this new century. Fundamentally, however, ACIC remains vigilant in defending the social values of labor and free enterprise, in preserving the postulates of a minimally regulated market and without the distortions of technobureaucracy, in valuing entrepreneurship, based on democratic freedoms for building of a free, pluralistic, just and supportive society.


Represent the economic segments of Chapec´┐Ż encouraging free enterprise and working as an agent of change. Efficiently meet the needs of members meeting their expectations. Be the inducer of actions for the strengthening of the business class, providing conditions for the emergence and expansion of markets.


To be a leader in the development process of Chapec´┐Ż and region.



ACIC Chapecˇ




Prefeitura de Chapecˇ