A Mercoagro:

Mercoagro, over the years, has become a major generator of growth in the sector, as by disseminating technologies and knowledge and generating rapprochement between suppliers and consumers, it develops the economy, promoting business, connecting contacts and companies in networking. Furthermore, it increases the visibility of companies, helping to build reputations and also generating international projection.

Mercoagro is historic! It brought back the essence of its vocation: connecting people, countries and continents through business, technologies, knowledge and relationships.

Chapecó: An Agroindustrial Polo

The Santa Catarina city of Chapecó is today among the main centers of national agroindustry

The municipality serves as the capital of Western Santa Catarina and the main city in a region with more than 200 municipalities and 1 million inhabitants, where the headquarters of the main companies processing and exporting pork, poultry and derivatives in Brazil are located. Its population is growing rapidly like its economy. According to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), there are more than 216 thousand inhabitants.

Chapecó's striking aspect is business tourism, attracting visitors from Brazil and abroad, with sectoral and multi-sectoral events, with national and international coverage.


Chapecó Commercial and Industrial Association

ACIC: 76 years of history

The Chapecó Commercial and Industrial Association (ACIC) was founded on May 10, 1947 with the aim of being a business entity representing commerce, industry, service provision and agriculture.

76 years ago, businessman Serafim Enoss Bertaso was elected the entity's first president. The economic history of the municipality did not begin there, but the history of the political organization of the producing classes began to be written there, which, in these 101 years of administrative emancipation and seven decades of business associations, bequeathed to Santa Catarina one of the most eloquent paradigms of work and development.

ACIC Chapecó


Maria Antonia S. Ferreira


Commercial Director

Salete Pukar


Southeast, Midwest, North and Northeast Region