Optimism and good business forecast mark Mercoagro 2020 launch


There are 380 days left to hold the International Meat Business, Processing and Industrialization Fair (Mercoagro 2020), and the event brings news and presents optimism and good business forecast. The numbers of the expo were presented on Thursday (August first) at the launch in the city of Chapecó, which brought together businessmen, exhibitors, supporters, authorities and press professionals. Will be 205 booths, 350 brands represented, audience of 20,000 visitors / buyers and business forecast of $ 200 million.

Mercoagro is an initiative of the Chapecó Commercial and Industrial Association (ACIC) and the 13th edition will take place between September 15 and 18 of next year, at the Tancredo Neves Exhibition Park, in Chapecó (SC). ACIC President Cidnei Barozzi highlighted that it is the largest trade fair in Latin America and one of the largest technical fairs in the world food industry. “It's 26 uninterrupted years of accomplishment. For the 2020 edition, the numbers are fantastic: all spaces are commercialized. Mercoagro is a great pride for us in the west of Santa Catarina ”.

According to the director of Enterprise Fairs and Events, Maria Antônia Siqueira Ferreira, the numbers of the fair show the good work done by all the organizing committee. "It's a committed team that imparts credibility and transparency." Chapecó's deputy mayor, Elio Cella, emphasized the city's structure to host major fairs, with a wide hotel chain, restaurants, airport, among others. “Mercoagro highlights Chapecó as a major development hub in the meat industry. Our agribusiness is on the rise and surely many news and technologies will be present at the fair, ”he said.

Mercoagro project manager Nadir José Cervelin recalled that the 2016 edition was the rescue of the fair, in 2018 the consolidation and the 13th edition brings innovation. “We have a new brand, new website and new application. We created a business platform for exhibitors, who will be able to launch the news they will bring to the fair on the site. We want to strengthen the business and strength of Chapecó and all the exhibitors ”.

Barozzi emphasized that exhibitors and visitors-buyers are assured of doing good business. "The show has gained worldwide prominence and attracts manufacturers and suppliers of machinery, equipment, implements and supplies to the refrigeration industry." In addition, the commitment to economic integration and the diffusion of scientific knowledge that presided over the first edition remain priorities. “At the same time as promoting business, Mercoagro acts as an important instrument for technology integration and diffusion through technical and scientific events,” he said.


The expo will create 3,000 temporary jobs during the period, will inject $ 15 million in the local and regional economy. The fair will occupy 15,000 square meters of exhibition park area and will offer all the sector trends and news. Companies in the refrigeration industry, industrial automation system, ingredients and additives, packaging and casings, transportation and storage, industrial equipment and accessories, engineering projects and specialized consultancies, among other products and services to serve the meat industry will participate in the exhibition.

Countries that will be present as exhibitors or visitors are: Germany, Argentina, Austria, Australia, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Spain, United States, Italy, Ecuador, Belgium, Netherlands, Paraguay, Uruguay, Russia, Canada, China, France and Iceland, among others.

ACIC conducts, promotes and organizes, sponsored by Aurora Alimentos, Unimed Chapecó and Sicredi, a partnership of Chapecó City Hall and support from BRDE, Nucleovet, Abrafrigo, Facisc, Unoesc, Embrapa, Sincravesc, Asgav / Eggs RS, Chapecó and Region Convention & Visitors Bureau, ABPA, Sihrbasc, Fiesc, Senai, Sesi, Unochapecó and Sebrae. Marketing is from Enterprise Fairs and Events.

Registration for the fair is free and available through the official website: